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Prize(s) Winners in Other Lighting Products
University Chaoyang University of Technology
Lead Designers Fu Ching-Hai, Huang Bo-Jun, and Lei Zi-Chien
Other Designer's names Professor Huang Yu-Che
Completion Date 2023/10/18
Entry Description

Shine & Dine: The Pinnacle of oriental Cozy Lighting Aesthetics , leaves a light on for night owls and serves them a warm dinner.
Shine & Dine incorporates the traditional concept of Asia food covers with heat preservation into its pendent lighting design. In Asia culture, hot food represents the warmth of home, but for those returning late at night, this can often be just a distant dream. After overtime work, night owls return to a vacant home, where cold dishes and a dark environment only intensify their sense of loneliness. Shine & Dine draws inspiration from a deep understanding of the emotions of these night owls.

Food covers, commonly used in the East to protect dishes from insects and dust, are typically inconvenient to store when not in use and do not integrate well with home decor. Shine & Dine recognizes the loneliness of night owls and the lack of design in traditional Asia food covers. With emotional care and strong design prowess, Shine & Dine was born.

When night owls return home, in the endless darkness, Shine & Dine shines like a brilliant pearl, the sole focus that makes them feel the warmth specially prepared for them. Shine & Dine features an adjustable lampshade, allowing for changes in light and shade to create different lighting effects. Whether used as a pendant light or an Eastern food cover, it perfectly adapts to various scenes and needs.
Sustainability Approach

Shine & Dine utilizes high-efficiency LED lighting technology, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Our design integrates lighting needs with energy conservation, contributing to environmental protection.

The multi-functional design of Shine & Dine makes it an all-in-one lighting fixture, serving as both a pendant light and a food cover. This reduces the need to purchase and occupy space with different devices, helping to minimize the quantity of household items and decrease resource wastage.

Shine & Dine's structural design takes into account easy disassembly and reusability. Each component of the product can be conveniently disassembled for maintenance or upgrades, extending the product's lifespan and reducing the environmental impact.