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Prize(s) Winners in Other Lighting Products
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Jared Teiger
Other Credits Atlanta Fire Department Station 11 and Station 15
Completion Date May 05
Project Location Atlanta
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Entry Description

Nightflare is a groundbreaking safety vest designed specifically for first responders, revolutionizing the concept of high-visibility safety apparel. This advanced safety vest is carefully crafted to ensure the utmost safety and visibility of first responders, particularly during nighttime and low-light scenarios.
Sustainability Approach

Nightflare's design is adaptable to various emergency situations and agencies. Its versatility means that agencies can invest in a single, high-quality safety vest that meets a range of needs, reducing the need for multiple specialized products. The LED unit within Nightflare is designed to be modular, allowing for potential future upgrades or replacements without the need to replace the entire vest. This feature extends the vest's useful life and reduces waste. Nightflare integrates energy-efficient LED technology that consumes significantly less power than traditional lighting sources. This not only prolongs the battery life of the vest but also reduces the overall energy consumption required for its operation. The vest features a rechargeable battery that can be charged using standard charging methods leading to the elimination of disposable batteries.