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Starfall Outdoor Pendant

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Hanging Lights
University Artcenter College of Design
Lead Designers Haoda Ma
Photo Credits Haoda Ma
Completion Date April 2023
Project Location Los Angeles
Entry Description

Growing up in a heavily polluted city, where it was a rare sight to see stars at night, the first time seeing the starry night in Joshua Tree National Park was an unforgettable experience for the designer. Starfall outdoor pendant aims to recreate the awe-inspiring experience of seeing a night full of stars for the users.

The inner perforated brass tube projects starry light effects onto the outer recycled polyethylene tube. The brass tube is fixed in place, while the outer polyethylene tube hangs from the top of the light fixture and moves subtly and elegantly with the breeze. The subtle movement in the polyethylene tube allows the star projection to flow, creating a magical and transforming starry night, while the downlight provides a steady light source for general usage.

By interacting with the wind in the nature, Starfall outdoor pendant creates memorable starry night effects while providing soft warm downlight for the users.
Sustainability Approach

The inner brass tube, as well as the outer polyethylene tube utilized in Starfall pendant are recycled and weather-resistant, creating a sustainable and functional solution for outdoor areas, while helping to create a memorable moment for the users.

The geometric shape of Starfall pendant, while providing an elegant and delicate form, allows for efficient manufacturing and space-saving storage during the winter months. With a canopy piece and straightforward electrical connection on the ceiling or outdoor patio roof, Starfall can be easily installed and de-installed.