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Prize(s) Winners in Illuminated Home Décor
Company About Space
Lead Designers Mark Vasserman
Completion Date November 2022
Project Location 175 Gertrude St Fitzroy 3065
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Entry Description

Open at either end of a cylindrical column, the fixture features a long cut through the centre that's cleverly designed to reveal the inside of the piece. Crafted from mild steel, the piece intimately explores curvature and contrast.
The Yona light has an interior specifically designed to play with light. The brass coating inside the curved shell not only adds an elegant feel to the fixture but also serves a functional purpose. The shiny surface inside the Yona celebrates light, reflecting it outward rather than absorbing it, making the fixture appear brighter and more luminous. This ensures that the illumination provided is maximized and enhanced, resulting in a brighter and warmer atmosphere.
The curvature of the Yona light's pill-shaped form is designed to reveal the lighting within, creating a sleek and moody look that's perfect for modern and minimalist spaces. The Yona contains LED lighting, its glow regulated by the cylindrical shield that envelops it. With the ability to choose from an extensive selection of LED strips to tailor the light output and colour temperature, the Yona can adapt to the specific needs of a space. The added feature of a dimming function not only adds visual interest but also enhances the versatility of the fixture, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings.
Sustainability Approach

With a lifespan stretching thousands of hours, the LEDs within The Yona can last much longer than traditional lighting sources, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Additionally, LEDs require minimal maintenance and hence reduce the amount of waste from ongoing upkeep. The LED’s within The Yona is also energy-efficient, drawing less power to create the same amount of light, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers energy costs. The Yona strikes the perfect balance between style and sustainability with its chic design and utilization of eco-friendly LED technology.