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Prize(s) Winners in Illuminated Home Décor
Company Rousseau Design Ltd
Lead Designers Ben Rousseau
Photo Credits Mitch Payne / Mark Cocksedge
Completion Date September 2023
Project Location Hove
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Entry Description

Without numbers or hands, Tempus beautifully presents the time across 12 hours in real time, using our signature, building pattern of light. A signature set of perimeters using 132 channels of illuminating segments over three hypnotic, uniform arrangements. 12 segments for the hours, with our toothed hour design showing the end of each hour, with the positions of 12,3,6,and 9 o’clock being in the familiar locations of north, east, south and west respectively on the inner arrangement. 60 segments for the minutes are located on the middle arrangement and 60 segments for the seconds are around the outside arrangement. Starting with the seconds , each segment illuminates in turn until all 60 are lit when the first minute illuminates. The seconds reset and the cycle continues until all minute segments are lit and then the first hour illuminates.
Created using our in house designed digitally addressable RGB LEDS and control module which connects to the users personal control profile which allows the user to select their time zone and create custom patterns out side the range of pre set patterns and colours we programme into Tempus out of the box.
Time can be manually adjusted by rotating control rotor and with a push changes the colour mode and pattern. A long press for 3 seconds puts Tempus to sleep for when used in a bedroom setting or hotel room. A 3 second press wakes it.
Sustainability Approach

Designed and precision made in the UK with our electronics PCB being produced in Italy using high quality LED’s made in the USA.
All materials are locally sourced and contains over 70% recyclable and recycled materials.
Tempus is housed in a luxurious aluminium frame for wall mounted or stand mounted configurations. Our Classic and collectors editions are made using digitally printed glass over an aluminium chassis with acrylic diffusers and aluminium mounting brackets.
Custom editions, sizes and housings are available.
Running on v5 at less than 5 amps it is highly energy efficient.
Company Description

Ben Rousseau is an award-winning British artist & designer working internationally across product design, commercial installations and residential interiors. Ben’s work showcases his roles of designer, engineer and light artist, exploiting the power of lighting to transform spatial experience.

Ben’s varied output covers a wide variety of iconic design work from his own Tempus collection of timepieces to installations at the V&A museum and as far a feild as the Nevada desert for Burning Man.

The studio's out put is committed to lighting up peoples lives with beautiful and unique design.