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EVO®/Incito™ 4” and 6” Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders

Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lights & Lamps
Company Acuity Brands
Lead Designers Gotham Lighting
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Entry Description

Gotham introduces 3 new emergency battery backup options for cylinders for both the EVO and Incito product families: integral battery, remote sidecar, and recessed gear housing. Each cylinder emergency backup option was designed with an intuitive test switch location for easy access for maintenance, and a consistent visual experience between emergency and non-emergency cylinders.

The industry’s first integral battery pack option for 4” and 6” cylinders are engineered to incorporate an emergency battery into the cylinder without the need for a power canopy. The integral battery backup solution is available in a 6W emergency battery and 4" cylinder up to 2,500 lumens and 6" cylinder up to 4,500 lumens.

For higher ceiling applications that require greater light output in emergency mode, the remote side car option is available with 7W, 10W or 15W emergency batteries. The sidecar comes with the same finish and color as the cylinder to provide a unified look. Conduit length available up to 24" while getting a 4" cylinder up to 5,000 lumens and 6" cylinder up to 8,000 lumens.

The recessed gear housing emergency solution are for applications with access above the ceiling to discreetly hides the emergency battery, and available with a 10W emergency battery. Get a 4" cylinder up to 5,000 lumens and 6" cylinder up to 8,000 lumens.
Sustainability Approach

The Gotham EVO®/Incito™ 4” and 6” Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders embody sustainability through energy-efficient LED lighting, long-lasting materials, and a modular design. These cylinders were designed to meet industry standards, guaranteeing safety while delivering constant light output. Their intuitive maintenance features reduce labor and complexity, extending their lifespan and minimizing waste. Additionally, the remote side car emergency option for both EVO and Incito cylinders are Energy Star rated!