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Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lights & Lamps
Company Stella Lighting Brazil
Lead Designers Stella Product Center
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Entry Description

Bringing a design with sleek and elegant lines that give a modern and sophisticated feel to any indoor space, the LED Plane luminaire is a product that brings efficiency and versatility, combined with an attractive visual. With a beam angle of 140 degrees and 99% of its light emitting surface, it is capable of providing wide and uniform illumination without leaving any dark spots. This high light emission index is made possible thanks to its intelligent design, which distributes light more efficiently, in addition to the UGR19 index, which is considered excellent for readings.
The product's fixture was designed using clips that, once installed, result in a surface-mounted linear LED luminaire that does not have visible screws and can be mounted on both ceilings and walls, using a single product or with luminaires side by side. It is also possible to install the Plane using suspension cables, which, when installed on the ceiling, provide an option with the light closer to the area to be illuminated, in addition to allowing the luminaire height adjustment according to the environment and desired effect.
The Planes will be marketed with a white finish, in two different powers: 17W and 34W in lengths of 60cm and 120cm, respectively. In addition, the luminaires will be available in three different color temperatures, which are 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.
Sustainability Approach

In addition to its ability to illuminate large spaces, the Plane also stands out for its superior energy efficiency of over 110lm/W. With state-of-the-art technology, it consumes little energy and has a prolonged lifespan due to its construction that efficiently dissipates heat, prolonging the lifespan of the LEDs, making it a sustainable and economical option for any lighting project.
Company Description

The creation of products and solutions is in our DNA. We are a lighting company based in Brazil and we are passionate about light, about design, about details. Each year, we create numerous new products, expanding application possibilities with original solutions and refined design. The quality of these products is our focus. We work with premium oriented products, but with competitive prices. Our search for quality and reliability is done through a strict internal and external quality control.