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Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lights & Lamps
Company One to One Design Studio
Lead Designers Martin Doller
Photo Credits Gavin Kleinschmidt
Completion Date March 2020
Project Location Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Entry Description

The Qalibra Pendant was developed to address a specific project requirement for a suspended light fitting that fulfilled both the need for something decorative as well as functional over a kitchen counter and dining room table respectively. Other than it’s striking patinated finish this solid cast bronze pendant has an adjustable focus beam downwards for crisp task lighting as well as an indirect upward ceiling wash for ambient lighting. The adjustable and dimmable beam allows for a variation in the spread of light onto the surface below for different applications as well as optimising visual comfort with the light source well hidden to avoid glare. this is achieved through an internal mechanism that allows the light source to be adjusted internally which influences the beam of the light out the bottom of the pendant. Each pendant weighs 7kgs and for aesthetic reasons we developed a unique single cable with a dual purpose for carrying the weighted load as well as providing power to the light source.
Company Description

Lighting Design Studio: Product and Architectural.