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Flowing Lamp Series

Prize(s) Winners in Designer/Custom Lighting
Company Xiamen Smg Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Wenying Qiu, Huasheng Huang, Zhipeng Huang
Entry Description

The RGBCWIC Lamp Series combines RGB LED, CW LED, and IC technologies to deliver a mesmerizing lighting experience. With the capacity to emit soft and colorful light at every segment, this collection harmoniously merges mid-to-low-location lighting with high-location lighting. With a single lamp, you can effortlessly meet various lighting requirements while infusing your space with a cozy and natural play of light and shadow.
Sustainability Approach

The Lamp Series features a lightweight and user-friendly design, eliminating the hassle of complex installations. Simply plug it into a power source, and it's ready to use. The curved triangular shape provides a comfortable grip, ensuring a pleasant tactile experience when holding the lamp. In addition to smartphone app control, the product also supports one-touch power-on and long-press dimming for quick and convenient operation.