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Star - Flower LED lighting lamp family

Prize(s) Winners in Designer/Custom Lighting
Company Medveczky & Gothárd Kft
Lead Designers Erzsébet Gothárd
Photo Credits Erzsébet Gothárd
Project Location Hungary, Budapest
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Entry Description

The LED star flower lamp family is made by stringing spiky white polystyrene discs on a plexiglass support tube. The cylinder has 125 mm diameter and 12 mm high polystyrene disks, the toothed rings form a dense cylinder with spikes by rotating the next element. By queing the elements , we get a differing long lighting cylinder . The lighting cylinders with a stainless base plate are made with stainless steel pipes of different diameters and lengths, different heights, from which different lamps can be made: vertical hanging lamp: D125x975mm; horizontal hanging lamp D125x970x745mm; Floor lamps D250 mm, total height 1260; 1560; 1740 mm, with lighting cylinders of different heights. The pressed discs of the table lamps are D110 mm, their total height is 627; 510 and 396 mm. The adapter is hidden on the ceiling in a cylindrical or rod-shaped stainless steel junction box. The 2- or 3-part discs are rotated by 90° and screwed to the base element with a turned stainless steel connector, or flower-like lamps with hinged stems are obtained. The lighting cylinders of the hanging, standing and table lamps have 12 W 4000 K LED strips on both sides of a 20x20 mm square aluminum tube. The point lamps are Luxeon TX Star 1 W, 4000 K LED; LED DC TRANSFORMER 1-4W, they work with SELV transformer. Their dimensions: D 125 x 68-78; 150; 378 mm; lamp 2,- 275; 3,- 424 mm, with reflector D 170x78 mm.
Sustainability Approach

The star flower LED lamp family is made by stringing spiky white polystyrene discs on a plexiglass support tube. There is a square aluminum tube inside the lighting cylinder, two LED strips are glued to it. There are polystyrene disks on the cylinder, by these elements sorted gives the lamps a varied appearance. LED lighting is an energy-saving electrical lighting method. With the help of the adjustable adapter, you can change the mood of the lighting. These adapters can be integrated into a plug-in or wall-mounted controllable switch, an adjustable wireless remote control. In this way, the basic light can be adjusted up to 25%, creating mood lighting. By using only a few elements: the spiky white polystyrene discs, the square aluminum tube with LED tape glued on both sides, and the stainless steel tubes of different sizes, we create a family of lamps with a varied appearance and shape.
Company Description

I and our company is an interier design company. We design the whole inside of the public buildings. like hotels, universities, libraries,
and other entertaining places, the interier of a VIP medical offices and meeting rooms, alecture halls and foyers in historic buildings,auditoriums and foyer of heritage and modern buildingaters, restaurants , receptionel places in residential buildings,