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Infinity: Sculpture in Light

Prize(s) Winners in Designer/Custom Lighting
Company Edison Price Lighting
Lead Designers Nicholas Conrique
Photo Credits Nicholas Conrique
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location New York, New York
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Entry Description

Infinity represents a groundbreaking lighting innovation, introducing the ability to gracefully manipulate light across multiple dimensions. It pioneers the seamless manipulation of light, allowing for effortless bending and shaping on a multi-dimensional canvas. This cutting-edge system enables the creation of various forms by seamlessly integrating rigid linear, curved, and twisted modules in a single configuration. Moreover, each module offers diverse light source orientations, granting the versatility of vertical, horizontal, and multi-directional illumination. As a result, Infinity not only serves as a captivating ambient light source but also serves as an architectural masterpiece, blurring the boundaries between functional lighting and artistic design.

Infinity is designed to dance effortlessly across various surfaces. It redefines the very essence of perspective, orchestrating an enchanting interplay between light and space that captivates and transforms the user's experience. By ingeniously manipulating perspectives, this installation sparks a captivating journey through a realm where light becomes a dynamic storyteller, engaging with architecture in ways never imagined before.
Sustainability Approach

Infinity stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in modern lighting design. Powered by cutting-edge LED technology, this fixture achieves a remarkable efficacy of 750 lumens per foot, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency. Embracing a practical design ethos, Infinity features reusable silicone lenses that can be repurposed for future installations, reducing waste and promoting resourcefulness. This thoughtful approach, which integrates minimal hardware and reusable components, aligns with our commitment to both artistic excellence and environmentally-conscious practices.