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Tubie Concept Lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
Company Andrei Korsun
Lead Designers Andrei Korsun
Completion Date 07.07.2023
Entry Description

TUBIE is a concept for a desk lamp that creates an atmosphere of cosiness and relaxation in an interior.
The main point of inspiration was the art of Salvador Dali. The famous Soft Clock was the idea behind the creation of Tubie. We all know that a ray of light is perfectly straight, but I wanted to play the impossible and bend it, melt it, as in Dali's painting, and "hang it on a nail". In this way I try to illustrate the comicality of trying to control something that is impossible to control. This lamp concept not only creates a mood in the interior, but also invites each user to think about what they can do for themselves, their family, and everything around them. The concept suggests not to try to control the impossible, but to focus on the things that are important to society.
The combination of classic materials such as Carrara marble, polished stainless steel, and Murano glass works for an image of a lighting fixture that will be relevant almost always. In this way, I have endeavoured to create a design that will not become outdated and will create a responsible attitude towards consumption. The design of this lamp allows you to rotate and direct the light source in different ways, illuminating any preferred surface. Switching the lamp on and off is thanks to the touch zone under the light source - just swipe your hand to light the lamp.
Sustainability Approach

The core ideas of sustainability in this concept are:
The design itself. I designed a lamp that will be relevant today and 20 years or more from now. I think that's the most important aspect. If we can create timeless design, people will be more responsible in choosing and using a product. We will come to intelligent consumption. While designing, it is important not to forget the possibility of maintenance and replacement of failing parts. It is enough to replace the LED bulb or controller, and your lamp will again make you happy, you do not have to buy a new one. The use of quality and recyclable materials is also a prerequisite. The Tubie concept will not lose its appearance over time and can be recycled.
It is important to remember about energy consumption - in this case, one light bulb will provide a bright enough lighting area, thanks to the reflective and light-enhancing inner wall