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Faucet Lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
Company Blanca CB
Lead Designers Blanca Codina Bernat
Photo Credits Andrew Longo
Completion Date October 2023
Project Location New York
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Entry Description

The Faucet Lamp pours light instead of water. This luminous object preserves the curved silhouette of a faucet employing it for a different purpose. Functioning as a lamp further allows the faucet-shaped item to be displaced from its usual location in the kitchen or bathroom to more formal or shared rooms in the home. This lamp comes from a series of explorations where existing forms can be employed for different functions, aiming to create new conversations around everyday objects.

The faucet lamp can be activated with a minimal touch on any part of it's body, mimicking the sanitary features of a touch-control faucet. This feature also fosters a more intimate and unexpected interaction with the object. The cable coming out of the lamp's base reveals it's electrical functionality, even when the light is turned off. The outer shell is entirely made of aluminum and is available in two different color finishes, silver and Klein blue. This allows the user to choose between different options, bringing it closer or further from the appearance of a real faucet.
Sustainability Approach

Crafted from an aluminum shell housing the electronic components, the Faucet Lamp benefits from the versatility of this material, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Its lightweight nature reduces the carbon footprint during transportation. Furthermore, aluminum can be recycled after separating it from the internal electronics, and a removable base facilitates effortless disassembly.
Company Description

Spanish-born designer and maker Blanca Codina specializes in the fields of products, furniture, and lighting design. Her work challenges the conventional idea that form follows function but seeking new and unexpected ways objects can behave and be merged.

Blanca holds an undergraduate degree in industrial design from Elisava School of Design in Barcelona and a masters degree in industrial design from Parsons the New School for Design in New York City.

She currently lives and works in New York City.