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Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Company Sean Eichelberger
Lead Designers Sean Eichelberger
Client Eurofase Inc
Completion Date 2023
Project Location North Carolina
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Entry Description

Finding inspiration in the work of mathematician Leonardo Bigollo Pisano, also known as Fibonacci, the Voltik, with its rhythmic offset arms creates a feeling of fluid motion. As the viewers angle changes Voltik seems to evolve its form.

Created from a simple array of tubular arms with an acrylic diffuser at each end and anchored at midpoint to a central spine. Each successive arm is offset just slightly to create the spiral form.

The LED lamping is diffused through each of the frosted acrylic ends creating a diffuse wash of light.

Sustainability Approach

Voltik is responsibly designed to utilize fully recyclable materials; aluminum, brass, and acrylic. Light source is high efficiency LED's.