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Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Lead Designers Jasper Wolfe
Entry Description

The E25 lamp celebrates the concepts and materials used in Spacecraft observatories. This is achieved through:
1) The lamp providing an observing lens that rotates about the azimuth plane allowing introspection of the inner optical components.
2) Use of common Spacecraft materials such as Aluminum 6061-T6 and N-BK7 glass.
3) Use of key observatory light filtering techniques including dichroic and polarising filters to disperse wavelengths and control luminance respectively.

E25 is dynamic piece intended for interaction. Twisting the circular element controls luminance through alignment of polarising filters. Rotating the introspection lens allows for a playful way to visually interact with the piece, while the piece optically interacts with the environment.
Sustainability Approach

1) Optical elements used are surplus glass from a decades old space optics lab.
2) LEDs are used as the light source.