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Totem Standing Lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company Yonathan Moore Studio
Lead Designers Yonathan Moore
Photo Credits Yonathan Moore / Michael P. H. Clifford
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location New York, USA
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Entry Description

The Totem lamp stands as a beacon of aesthetic and tectonic simplicity. Crafted from a sleek aluminum extrusion and adorned with three thick acrylic blocks, the lamp exudes a captivating presence. Its track solution allows the acrylic pieces to easily slide onto the extrusion, creating a seamless and elegant design inspired by the practicality of architectural aluminum systems.
The acrylic elements, shaped as half circles of diameters following the fibonacci sequence, ensure harmonious proportions and a sense of visual balance. This also allows for playful rearrangements, enabling users to create unique configurations and interactions between multiple units that can be connected into pairs, making it an ideal addition to a variety of spaces.
The blocks act as sculptural diffusers of warm, soft light, resulting in a unique quality of comforting and inviting ambiance that is bright enough to light a room. From a side view, the acrylic blocks appear as thin glowing silhouettes, their thick clear mass subtly refracting light as one moves around the lamp, these crisp lines expand, creating a captivating visual dance of optics.
Ease of use is paramount in this design. The track system allows for a simple set-up, rearrangement, and maintenance. A conveniently placed touch button is accessible from both standing and seated positions, for effortless control in any use case.
Sustainability Approach

The use of durable and infinitely recyclable materials and energy-efficient LEDs ensures longevity and environmental consciousness. Its straightforward and efficient production process relies on the most common forms of fabrication for both aluminum and acrylic for a highly efficient production potential.