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SUNFLOW biodynamic circadian LED floor lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company Spectrasol, s.r.o.
Lead Designers Hynek Medricky, EEF
Other Designer's names Dr. Daniel Jesensky, Bc. Michal Vopat, Antonin Nosek, EEF, Dr. Jan Havlik, Dr. Lenka Maierova
Other Credits Dr. Katerina Cervena, Dr. Jana Koprivova, Dr. Zuzana Jirkalova, Dr. Hana Karnikova
Completion Date September 2023
Project Location the Czech Republic
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Entry Description

Sunflow brings a unique lighting system to our homes using 3 patented technologies.

Sunflow solves all types of light you may need indoors! It provides the perfect light for productive days, calm evenings and undisturbed nights.

The light modes are in accordance with the 24 h light cycle in nature and exert an effect on the non-image forming system of the eye (NIF). Thanks to this, they positively influence and above all do not disturb the circadian system.

All this is controlled by pressing a button, setting parameters in the app and a motion sensor for night mode.

The daytime mode, provided by our LED modules, imitates natural sunlight and is patented for its unique balance and pro-cognitive properties of the spectrum and regenerative red component, which, among other things, protects our eyes from the risks of harmful blue light. The daytime mode shines indirectly on the ceiling, giving the impression of a clear sky. It stimulates the body towards activity and alertness, supports cognitive function and mood.

In the evening, Sunflow shines a warm white light indirectly against the wall and thus imitates the sun at sunset, which calms the body and the mode is suitable for evening relaxation.

The night mode glows with a pleasant orange light like a fire, does not disturb the circadian rhythms of the body and is suitable for preparing for sleep and night regeneration.
Sustainability Approach

Sunflow is made in the EU primarily from recyclable materials such as aluminium and steel.