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PianoLight Grand

Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company KABO & PYDO design studio, BenQ Corporation
Lead Designers Katarzyna Borkowska
Client BenQ Corporation
Photo Credits KABO & PYDO design studio
Entry Description

PianoLight Grand is an intelligent piano floor lamp meticulously designed to meet the needs of both grand piano and digital piano players. Unlike typical lamps, it ensures uniform and sufficient brightness for both sheet music (brightness: 500lx) and the piano keys on both sides (brightness: 300lx). The light head is equipped with convex lenses on both sides, converging light beams onto the left and right piano keys to enhance the brightness of the keys on both sides. As a result, our piano lamp effectively illuminates all 88 keys while maintaining even sheet music lighting. Moreover, it also comes with a built-in ambient light sensor to automatically supplement the required light for piano playing based on the environmental brightness and offer two modes of lighting to cater to different usage scenarios. When using electronic sheet music, users can use the "Key Illuminated Mode" to avoid reflections on the sheet music area. Conversely, when using regular paper sheet music, they can choose the " Key-Sheet Illuminated Mode" to illuminate both the sheet music and piano keys simultaneously. Additionally, if children playing the piano often forget to turn on the lights, the lamp will automatically detect their presence or absence and switch the light on or off accordingly. Users can also activate the "My Favorites" mode to select their preferred color temperature and brightness.
Sustainability Approach

PianoLight Grand utilize ambient light sensors to adjust brightness and color temperature, providing optimal eye comfort and energy efficiency. It is equipped with a aluminum reflector for precise light control, evenly illuminating the upright sheet music. Additionally, to cater to the needs of modern electronic piano sheet , the lamp features dual light sources, allowing the light used for illuminating the sheet music to be turned off to reduce glare interference for the player. Furthermore, aligning with the environmental sustainability trend, our lamps is at the ERP E energy efficiency rating, demonstrating our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Moreover, the lifespan of this lamp can reach up to 50,000 hours, which means it can be used for 17 years under the condition of 8 hours of daily usage.