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Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company NA Lightstyle
Lead Designers Nergiz Arifoglu
Client Optoled Aydinlatma A.S.
Completion Date November 2022
Project Location Istanbul, Turkey
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Entry Description

Even though not all countries are equally endowed with solar energy, a significant contribution to the energy resources from direct solar energy is possible for every country. RUTA is a Solar Energy - oriented aesthetic design based on the balance of giving and receiving in the Universe. The design of this pole-top luminaire is inspired by the herb-of-grace* and its core part collects the energy that is harvested from the sun during the day in its own battery. When it gets dark, RUTA gives light to its surroundings with the energy it has accumulated.
RUTA, the dark-sky friendly luminaire has a 4 light source to illuminate every direction, but each light source can be used seperately for the selected direction. All the components including the batteries, drivers and lenses are placed in the core under the solar panel. The intelligent control devices, such as Nema and Zhaga sockets, can be integrated on the top of the luminaire, so it can be connected with the smart city options and future technologies. RUTA can be dimmable and warm light colors such as 2200K and neutral light colors up to 4000K can be chosen for the needs of the project. Also it can be mounted on 4 or 6 meter lamp posts.
* Herb-of-grace (Ruta-graveolens) grows in full sun, but it also tolerates semi-shady places.
Sustainability Approach

Based on the balance of giving and receiving in the universe, RUTA has set out with the responsibility to contribute to nature in response to consumption in the world. RUTA is a specially designed lighting pole to encourage the use of solar energy sources. It is especially important in terms of saving in areas where energy is consumed a lot at night such as residential areas, roads, parks and squares. At night, it can illuminate 13 hours long with the solar energy absorbed during the day time. It has a neck structure that is suitable for practical replacement of existing old poles with the remove-and-replace method. It is a sky-friendly lighting pole that supports the use of natural energy resources in the field of lighting with its efficient, functional, functional, aesthetic line and incorporates smart technologies.
Company Description

NA LIGHTSTYLE design studio has been providing architectural lighting design services under the leadership of Nergiz Arifoglu since 2008. From the day the studio was founded, by the “The design of light; determines the lifestyle and quality of life” motto, the design team has been scheming the light they would like to see with timeless, nature-based, sustainable, technological, and aesthetic goals.