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Bar do Cofre SubAstor

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lit Arquitetura de Iluminação
Lead Designers Letícia Mariotto, Cláudia Borges Shimabukuro
Completion Date January 2019
Project Location São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Entry Description

The basement of one of the most famous buildings in São Paulo hides a former safe of São Paulo State Bank, that worked for more than 50 years. It is a heritage-listed space, planned to be occupied by a bar on the new cultural program of the building at the end of 2018. Due to historical preservation needs, the project faced many constructive constraints as most ceiling, walls, and the floor had to be preserved, whereas, at the same time, this restriction brought character and memory to the space. Two massive vault doors were highlighted by LED neon white lines, revealing the entrance to the safe room, with 2.000 stainless steel safe boxes. The red light, sourced by cold cathode tubes on original fixtures at this room, or, at most of the time, on RGB LED on new ones at the lounge room, reveal the identity of the new owner, Santander Bank, as long as warm white light coming from the backlit stone counter, linear LED projectors hidden by the sofas and some shade lamps allows people to enjoy real colors of the architectural finish, food, and drinks. The black bathrooms were lit by LED recessed fixtures and industrial wall lamps with LED filament bulbs.