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Prize(s) Winners in Portable Lamps
Lead Designers Natalia Guzmán Cortés
Photo Credits Natalia G. Cortés
Completion Date 27 - July - 2023
Project Location México
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Entry Description

Parafina is a portable lamp, and the concept for its development comes from the object used to hold candles, which had a circular design with a finger hole for easier manipulation. This element is crucial for the development of Parafina as it abstracts these circular elements, and the candle is represented by a small suspended LED disk.
The material that makes up Parafina is metal (aluminum) for the base, where the battery is located. The circular part, from which Parafina is held, is a hollow tube through which the electrical system runs, reaching the top part where the LED disk is located.
Parafina is a highly dynamic lamp with a wide range of color options. You can customize the five components that make up the luminaire, allowing it to be a completely classic lamp in an overall black tone or opt for very intense colors for certain elements of Parafina.

Technical characteristics:
D.base: 14 x h20cm
Integrated LED
Sustainability Approach

Parafina its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. In a world where environmental responsibility is paramount, Parafina adheres to these principles by using durable materials such as aluminum and enabling customization that can extend the product's lifespan. The durability of aluminum material means that Parafina can endure for a long time, reducing the need for constant replacement and avoiding unnecessary waste generation.

Parafina's customization capability also has a positive impact on the circular economy. By allowing users to adapt and refresh their lamp according to their tastes and preferences instead of discarding it, it promotes reuse and the extension of the product's lifespan. This contributes to waste reduction and the efficient use of resources, both essential elements of the circular economy.