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Arcilla Cluster

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Lead Designers Jeff Forrest
Photo Credits Patrick Biller
Completion Date January 2023
Project Location Toronto
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Entry Description

The Arcilla pendant collection – available individually and in clusters – was inspired during a pilgrimage taken by the design studio’s founder, Jeff Forrest. Escaping Toronto’s dreary winter weather in 2022, Forrest took a road trip southwest to Texas, seeing works by some of his art and architecture heroes, including Donald Judd, Louis Kahn, and Richard Serra, as he went. An inspiring expedition, it was the rich palette of the baked clay landscape he passed through that impressed upon him the most. These luminaires – made from remnant Merino wool felt, PET, and post-consumer aluminum, and featuring LED light discs – are sure to transport you, too, somewhere soothing, from the comfort of your own home.
Sustainability Approach

Stackabl is a patent-pending green technology and design platform. A joint venture between Toronto-based design studio, STACKLAB, and New York’s Maison Gerard, a leading design gallery, Stackabl’s proprietary digital platform allows for the easy creation of customized, design-forward furniture and lighting from a live inventory of remnant “waste” materials from partnering, regional manufacturers.
Stackabl leverages the resources of these manufacturers (in Michigan, New York, and Ontario), utilizing existing machinery and personnel. Its cutting-edge software streamlines and automates processes, enabling manufacturers to reduce environmental impact and transform remnants into an asset, generating new streams of revenue and reducing the cost of waste management. With Stackabl, consumers seeking to beautify their spaces can empower local economies all while curbing their carbon footprint.
Company Description

By leveraging the power of technology, Stackabl gives waste a second life as high-end, customizable pieces for the home and beyond. A joint venture between STACKLAB and Maison Gerard, one of the world’s leading design galleries, Stackabl is a proprietary, patent-pending digital platform allowing designers and consumers to create customized furnishings + lighting in real time from a live inventory of remnant materials from partnering manufacturers.
Stackabl transforms these assets and consumers, seeking to beautify their spaces, can empower local economies while curbing the carbon footprint.