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Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Nzhangdesign
Lead Designers Ninglu Zhang
Photo Credits Ninglu Zhang
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Iowa City
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Entry Description

Blazer is a felt hanging lamp that can be assembled completely tool-free from a flat felt sheet and can be easily mass-produced with minimum waste of materials due to its clean rectangle shape. Inspired by the business suit cut on the front, the Blazer's simple shape creates a flow and sequence for the viewers to follow, and the black snaps can give the design a highlight and pause the flow. With Blazer's designed shape, the light beam and shadow can create a unique vibe in the space.
Sustainability Approach

To minimize material wasting during mass-production process, Blazer is cut in a perfect rectagle shape.
To make storage and transportation easier, Blazer can be disassembled into a flat felt sheet.