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Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company A-Light
Lead Designers A-Light design team
Completion Date November 2022
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Entry Description

Wings is a re-think of linear direct/indirect luminaries, focusing on sustainability and functionality. Its soft angular body is created with sewn recyclable material. On the topside is a reflective polyethylene film reflector that has a hole pattern allowing about 50% of the light to exit in a wide throw pattern, delivering exceptional ceiling uniformity. The remaining light is reflected towards a flexible polypropylene diffuser to produce fully diffused and glare free direct illumination. In the flexible fabric shade, we suspend a single indirect LED strip with batwing primary optic that provides light for both the direct and indirect illumination, while reducing electronics and wires.
Sustainability Approach

Sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint is at the forefront of the design. A lightweight and fully recyclable Wings ships flat yet is fully assembled. When suspended gravity pops open the slim prismatic form. All unnecessary components have been stripped away, and with a focus on better and less materials, shipping impact is reduced by up to 66% of typical linear pendants.
Company Description

At A-Light, we are passionate about the relationship between form and light. We strive to understand lighting’s contribution to architectural design intent and to develop high quality, energy efficient products that provide flexibility to the designer. A-Light combines advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting to develop products that integrate into any space. A-Light’s luminaires have been specified in tens of thousands of projects throughout North America and are known for high performance and a contemporary aesthetic that achieve balance, elegance and