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iO CoviO Graze

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Wall Lighting
Company Cooper Lighting Solutions
Lead Designers Neil Hardwick
Completion Date 12/2022
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Entry Description

The iO CoviO Graze sets the new standard for architectural wall graze and wall wash fixtures. It features 8 bi-directional optical distributions, 3 lumen output options up to 1500 lm/ft, and an IP66 rating.
The CoviO Graze gives designers a versatile tool to highlight texture and architectural details or brighten spaces from a single, compact fixture. The fixture includes clean optical control, 1.5-step MacAdam binning, high center beam candlepower, high efficacy, long run lengths, quick connects, and incredible white color consistency.
Detailed specification features include:
- Wall washing and grazing lighting fixture with integral driver
- 8 clean, precise bi-directional optical distributions for a wide range of applications
- 90+ CRI, 4 CCT options, best-in-class color over angle
- 1.5-step MacAdam ellipse binning (SDCM) for maximum CCT consistency along runs
- Incredible white color consistency in beam with Du'v' < 0.005 (5-6x better than standard 90 CRI LEDs). Eliminating all high angle yellow bands from LED output keeps the grazing beam clean and consistent
- IP66 rated for exterior or interior installations
- Up to 16,000 cd per ft CBCP for maximum impact
- Up to 1400 delivered lm/ft
- Up to 112 lm/W
- 3 output options: 5W/ft, 10 W/ft, 15 W/
- Dimming to 1% (0-10V, 100% - 1%)
- Easy installation up to 300 ft run from a single power drop
- Wireless control option
Sustainability Approach

The iO CoviO Graze is one of the most engergy efficient wall graze fixtures available anywhere. While center beam candle power (CBCP) and max candelas are more critical performance criteria than lumen output in a wall graze fixture, the iO CoviO Graze took a conscious design path to make sure efficacy was not sacrificed. Highly efficient TIR optics were designed specifically for each optical distribution. This eliminated the need for any beam spreading layers/films which decrease efficacy. In addition, the high angle color is controlled at the LED itself to maximize efficacy while eliminating the need to add diffusion layers to the optic to hide the high angle color which would decrease efficacy.