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Tech Tickness

Prize(s) Winners in Other Lighting Products
Company Luce5
Lead Designers Luce5
Completion Date 2023
Project Location Italy
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Entry Description

We start with light to design and create bespoke furnishings with integrated light.The Tech Tickness is a new lighting technology to create furnishings.
This composite technology based on aluminum and designed to integrate light into the structure of the furnishings has allowed us to design an innovative solution to optimize their thickness and obtain maximum functionality with minimum space and weight, guaranteeing top resistance.This technology has been developed to mark a turning point in the world of design and to exceed conventional conceptions in designing wood furnishings thanks to integrated lighting solutions, superior mechanical strength and extremely reduced weight (regardless of thicknesses). It is available in various thicknesses, even very small, starting from 5mm.By virtue of the lightweight but resistant construction material, it guarantees high standards of mechanical strength even in the smallest thicknesses.
Compared to other construction materials, TT products are therefore easy and safe to handle.Moreover, thanks to the construction material, every product made with TT technology has a high thermal conductivity, a property that allows the heat of all integrated light sources to be dissipated.
Sustainability Approach

TT is an innovative and green technology.It is95% recyclable technology. At the end of its useful life, any TT product can be recycled and reintegrated into the production cycle. The reduced CO2 emissions for transport is due to extremely low weights.
Company Description

Luce5 is a made-in-Italy company who has been working in the world of light since 1991.Throughout its path to growth, Luce5 has been able to collaborate with visionary architects with whom it has envisaged and created outstanding lighting projects that have paved the way for a major and innovative development process.Today we are turning to architects, lighting designers, contractors and visionary minds or artists who aspire to create an exclusive project or a special installation involving light.