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Acrobat™ Wall Wash Downlights

Prize(s) Winners in Other Lighting Products
Company Creative Systems Lighting
Lead Designers Creative Systems Lighting
Photo Credits Creative Systems Lighting
Completion Date January 10, 2023
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Entry Description

CSL Acrobat™ presents the ultimate performer in a modern, patented wall wash, engineered to perfectly illuminate the intended surface with uniform light distribution, accurate color rendering, and minimal glare. Acrobat's new wall wash optic snaps into the standard trim and rotates completely in either direction to bring the light precisely where needed. The decorative cover snaps in place to maintain a superior ceiling aesthetic with a round or square standard trim. Acrobat™ is the ultimate performer in recessed downlighting, engineered to deliver premium light quality and control in any application to the most exacting standard. Acrobat's light module installs separately from the housing, at the end of construction, and is designed and engineered to fit into tight spaces and optimize performance in any type of installation environment and ceiling material. Acrobat™ LED modules house patented Silent Vu™ optics, a unique system that converges light output through the optic to provide an exceptional quality of light with minimal glare and amazing adjustability and beam control.