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Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures
Company Rab Lighting Inc.
Lead Designers Glen Oross; Peter On
Other Designer's names RAB Lighting Industrial Design Team
Completion Date 07/22/2022
Project Location 10 Broadway Rd, Cranbury NJ, 08512
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Entry Description

RAIL is a high-bay light fixture for illuminating expansive commercial settings. Sustainability was a primary objective in designing the product.

RAIL’s design uses sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. To optimize material usage and reduce production waste, RAIL is manufactured using injection molded bioplastic-resin, and highly recyclable extruded aluminum.

For improved sustainability, RAIL’s aluminum housing is bead-blasted. Bead-blasting reduces manufacturing pollutants, ensures recyclability of the part, and protects the longevity of the product. This finish prevents fingerprints from forming on the metal, which would cause the aluminum to oxidize more quickly.

Product optimization also contributes to RAIL’s sustainable design. RAIL is up to 40% smaller than similar products on the market. And RAIL was optimized by consolidating features and eliminating part redundancy. The extruded housing of the product was designed as a continuous piece to reduce part count. And the polycarbonate lens is robust enough to stand alone, so RAIL does not require a metal cage to protect it from collisions.

RAIL is also designed for sustainability by extending the product’s life cycle. RAIL has aesthetically arranged thermal fins running the length of the product. These features pull heat emitted by the LEDs away from sensitive components and dissipate it into the air.
Sustainability Approach

Designing for sustainability was a primary objective for this product, as reflected by decisions made in materials, manufacturing processes, finishes, optimization, and overall longevity of the product.

RAIL is produced with aluminum, which is bead blasted to preserve recyclability and reduce eco-damaging coatings. This product was optimized to reduce size and weight, which effectively reduces construction material, requires less energy to manufacture, and consumes less fuel to ship.

As an LED fixture, RAIL uses less energy to illuminate large spaces. And RAIL is compatible with RAB’s Light Cloud Control and Sensor System, so it’s easy to turn off lights when not in use. The RAIL is compliant with DLC, efficiency, and environmental requirements.