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ScreenBar Pro

Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures
Company MNML LLC. & BenQ Corporation
Lead Designers Matteo Iavicoli, Connor Adams, Mina Morcos, Zeeshan Hakkim, Chris Watson
Client BenQ Corporation
Entry Description

ScreenBar Pro is a monitor light specifically designed for monitor users with the aim of providing them with easy access to sufficient lighting. Attached on the screen with just a click, it can evenly illuminate the entire workspace, while also balancing the contrast glare.
To provide optimal lighting for screen users, ScreenBar Pro features a patented asymmetric optical design with a high reflectivity reflector, enhancing light efficiency and ensuring a wide and uniform lighting coverage while eliminating screen glare. The unique structural design of the clamp allows users to effortlessly attach it to various screens within seconds, without any complicated assembly process or limitations. It is compatible with curved screens, ultra-thin screens, and even ultra-thick screens. It avoids obstructing the screen and its built-in camera or microphone and prevents causing frame reflections. Additionally, the lamp is equipped with built-in light and human detection sensors, enabling automatic on/off and auto-dimming function for a more intelligent user experience.