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QUOVA - Knife Edge

Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures
Company Q-Tran, Inc
Lead Designers Q-Tran, Inc
Client Q-Tran, Inc
Project Location Q-Tran Office
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Entry Description

QUOVA-PERFORMANCE, the knife-edge fixture that transforms spaces with surface-plane illumination from a single edge. Designed as a pre-made cove product, QUOVA-PERFORMANCE seamlessly blends into architectural details, making it the ultimate choice for cove applications. Its unique fixture design ensures complete visual cutoff and eliminates glare and shadows.

QUOVA’s slim knife-edge profile fits snugly into tight spaces, providing a sleek, unobtrusive look, even where there's no existing cove architecture, offering design flexibility. Installation is a breeze, with ease of integration during early construction stages, saving time and resources. Boasting integral and remote power options, QUOVA-PERFORMANCE offers installation and design flexibility.
The proprietary asymmetric optic throws light at an impressive 7:1 setback ratio, offering illumination exceeding 990+ lm/ft, and can be positioned ±10°, directing light where it's needed to achieve the desired effect. Alongside the PERFORMANCE model, there are also MICRO and STANDARD versions. MICRO is one of the smallest knife-edge products on the market.

QUOVA combines cutting-edge performance, intuitive user-friendliness, and seamlessly unobtrusive design to create an unparalleled lighting system.
Sustainability Approach

At the heart of QUOVA's brilliance shines its association with a Declare label—an emblem of transparency, environmental responsibility, innovation, and energy efficiency. This label serves as a testament to the fact that QUOVA's components are not only adaptable but also environmentally conscious, emphasizing recyclability to diminish ecological impact while ensuring energy-efficient operation.