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Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lights / LED Lighting Products & Fixtures
Company Fluxwerx Illumination
Lead Designers Fluxwerx Illumination
Photo Credits Fluxwerx Illumination
Completion Date February 22 2023
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Entry Description

Hyphen is a family of discrete recessed and surface luminaires that breaks from the ordinary. Embodied in 10" or 20" forms with an ultra-narrow, linear aesthetic, Hyphen is available in fixed and adjustable versions. Hyphen transcends traditional general area illumination and downlighting with its unique options and exceptional visual comfort.

The Hyphen family is available in three high performance distributions—65° Wide, 45° Medium and a 25°x75° Narrow Ellipse. Available in a breadth of length, 80 or 90 CRI, mounting and distribution options, there is an application-based solution for every need.

Hyphen offers four distinct optical options: Single and Twin optics, both in 10" and 20" lengths. Proprietary optics transcend typical point source applications with exceptional uniformity, lower energy densities and efficacies exceeding 125 lm/w.

Designed to integrate into any plenum substrate with a minimum depth of ½” and a maximum depth of 1.25”, Hyphen Recessed can be chosen in either Trim or Trimless fixed variants and an adjustable version delivering a 60° lateral range of motion. The luminaire’s drivers integrate with mounting components and accommodate all ceiling types.

Single and Twin Optic Hyphen Surface feature minimalist aesthetics and unique and specific adjustable functional forms, both delivering 90° vertical-motion and 360° horizontal rotational adjustability.
Sustainability Approach

Our luminaire design is founded on the idea of constantly leading the lighting industry in the use of highly efficient LED sources to provide the optimal balance of performance, design and value. To us, the concept of performance is as much about the quality of the product and our service in getting them to a project site as it is ultimately about enhancing the architectural environment while lowering the amount of required energy.

The design also addresses compliance with The WELL Standard, LEED, and DLC for quantified efficiency compliance—thus our partnership in environmentally conscious designs.

Sustainability within our operations is also always a consideration.

We focus on agile, flexible, made-to-order manufacturing. As such, we largely source parts and materials from within a local radius to our factory, greatly reducing shipping and packaging impacts.

Company Description

Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of distinctive and breakthrough proprietary Anidolic optical technology that delivers on the promise of LED lighting. Our innovative, high-performance architectural LED luminaires are designed specifically for application in commercial and institutional spaces at the intersection of architecture and the human experience such as offices, educational environments and in healthcare.