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REV Flex

Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products & Fixtures
Company Meteor Lighting
Lead Designers Meteor Lighting
Photo Credits Meteor Lighting
Completion Date February 21, 2023
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Entry Description

The REV Flex Series is a new collection of adjustable recessed downlights available in three aperture sizes: 50mm, 100mm, and 152 mm. All downlights have adjustability of 359° of rotation and 30° tilt, and feature a simple Phillips screw mechanism for easy installation and adjustments by electrical contractors.
These adjustable downlights are available in a variety of trim options such as round, square, and flangeless styles, as well as a fixed, downlight only option with a 40° cut-off angle for improved glare control. A wall wash bezel is also available to emphasize textures and architectural details with a smooth 0.11 min/max uniformity.
A unique feature of the downlights is the capability for dynamic W+RGB color changing. Unlike RGBW, the W+RGB configuration offers 50% independent true white light at 3000K CCT and 50% RGB making it ideal for architectural branding projects requiring a touch of color.
The REV Flex downlights cover a large delivered lumen range from 820lm (50mm size) to 4,590 lm (152mm size) and are compatible with a wide range of dimming options such as 0 – 10V controls, DALI, and DMX. Built into the collection is also a proprietary VX driver, that offers video flicker-free lighting.
Sustainability Approach

The REV Flex series complies with Title 24, California's energy code, which aims to reduce unnecessary energy consumption in both new and existing buildings. With a lumen per watt ratio of 68 to 82, the REV Flex series is highly energy efficient.
The REV Flex downlights maintain 70% performance for over 10,000 hours or 11.5 years. As a result, these are long-term solutions for users. Furthermore, the downlight collection are RoHS certified, reflecting commitment to protecting human health and the environment, including responsible recovery and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment waste.
Company Description

Meteor is recognized for its advanced high ceiling products that elevate commercial spaces. Our fixtures deliver market-leading performance, illuminating the highest and challenging spaces. Driven by innovation, we integrate dynamic color, specialized spectrums, and precise dimming controls into versatile, powerful solutions.

By collaborating closely with designers and architects, we turn concepts into brilliant realities, aiming to Inspire the Spaces Around Us and bring creative visions to life.