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PERI - Perimeter Fixture

Prize(s) Winners in Linear Lighting Systems
Company Q-Tran, Inc
Lead Designers Q-Tran, Inc
Project Location Q-Tran Office
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Entry Description

PERI, the market's smallest Integral Driver Perimeter Fixture, epitomizes a commitment to innovation and performance. Measuring a mere 2.5" x 2.0", it excels in shallow plenum spaces and is compatible with various ceiling types. Boasting an impressive output exceeding 1000 lm/ft and a CRI of 90+, PERI delivers outstanding illumination.

Customize your lighting with versatile optics and shielding options like glare control louvers and prismatic lenses. The modular assembly ensures seamless installation, with a diffused or prismatic lens that extends over long lengths for uninterrupted light.

PERI is engineered with your needs in mind, featuring adaptable power feed locations and constant current or constant voltage LEDs, ensuring consistent lighting performance even over longer lengths. It's more than a fixture; it's a powerful, compact, and customizable lighting solution.
Sustainability Approach

PERI's snap-in light module isn't solely about streamlined installation; it symbolizes a commitment to the highest standards of sustainable, eco-conscious design. It's a declaration of PERI's dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of future spaces allowing for easy refitting of components such as the internal light module.

At the heart of PERI's brilliance lies its association with Declare labels—a symbol of transparency, environmental responsibility, and innovation. This label signifies that PERI's components are not only adaptable but also conscientious, prioritizing recyclability to reduce environmental impact.