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Prize(s) Winners in Linear Lighting Systems
Company Insight Lighting
Lead Designers Jaxon Patterson
Other Designer's names Steve Kellison
Completion Date June 1, 2023
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Entry Description

The Viga double linear indirect luminaire is a modern and versatile lighting solution that is perfect for open office and commercial environments. It is available in lengths that vary from 24 inches to 96 inches in a single fixture or combined to create continuous lines. The fixture’s dual platform uses linear optics to produce several combinations of indirect and direct lighting, so it can be used to create a variety of different lighting effects.
Negative space is the cornerstone of Viga's aesthetics. The separation of the two platforms creates a frame and viewport of the surrounding environment, which can add visual interest and depth to a space. The balanced geometry and subtle detailing give the fixture an understated elegance. Two end cap options, including square or round provide a geometric and modern look to the lighting system, which can help to create a unique and stylish atmosphere.
Viga is available in 4 color temperatures, remote drivers, power over suspension cable, and a rigid pendant mount. Viga is part of Insight’s Structure lighting system - a versatile toolbox of inter-changeable fixtures, mountings, and components, designed to give builders an easily specifiable collection of lighting tools.
Sustainability Approach

Utilizing high-efficacy LED boards and an all-aluminum adhesive-free assembly, the fixture is built for efficient power consumption and end-of-life recyclability. Viga represents a significant step towards Insight’s goal of creating performance-driven architectural lighting, blended with an innovative mechanical and design approach.
Company Description

Insight Lighting manufactures and assembles all products in the United States. As one of the most recognized LED Lighting manufacturer brands in the US in commercial and high performance lighting. Insight creates the highest quality, most innovative products in the lighting industry. We are committed to delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations in performance, schedule and value.