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Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lights
Company Luminis
Lead Designers Luminis
Completion Date March 2023
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Entry Description

Inline family of exterior luminaires. Inline bollards and columns elevate exterior spaces with a range of heights and lighting module options.

Inline is a contemporary range of bollards and columns with a distinctly urban aesthetic. Independently adjustable light modules allow lighting designers to capture the essential elements in a given landscape arrangement. The luminaires produce impactful illumination for spaces such as parks, plazas, outdoor arena spaces, landscaped gardens, pedestrian areas and other urban environments.

Bollards are available in heights of 24”, 39”, and 46”. Designers may select up to two light modules per bollard, with lighting packages up to 4,191 lumens per module. Columns may be chosen with up to four modules per column, 4,809 delivered lumens per module and up to 20 feet in pole height. Columns and bollards are available with 15?, 30?, or 55? beam angle reflectors and Type III distribution.

Light modules rotate 355? individually for controlled illumination and one-of-a-kind flexibility. Final positioning and rotation of each module can be modified on-site during installation. The curved sculpted opening and deeply recessed lens direct the light beam downward to minimize uplight while enhancing comfort and glare control.

All versions are offered in 10 standard or 10 faux wood finishes, with the option to match custom colors. Lighting designers
Sustainability Approach

Luminis carefully selects vendors with strict control over material provenance. Luminis products are manufactured using several kinds of materials and its recycled content is as follows:
•Cast aluminum parts are molded from 100% recycled aluminum. Specifically, a 356.1 alloy (.1 designates a secondary fusion from a primary use). Luminis recycles more than 95% of scrapped aluminum material.
•Aluminum extrusion and fabricated aluminum parts is manufactured using at least 58% pre-consumer recycled aluminum. Luminis recycles more than 95% of scrapped aluminum material.
•Fabricated steel parts are manufactured using sheet metal with at least 70% pre-consumer recycled steel.
•Packaging is manufactured using 87% post-consumer recycled material and 13% pre-consumer recycled material.