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Wuhan Qinghe City Plaza

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guji Hu
Entry Description

The façade of the tower is combined with a metal plate and golden glass curtain wall creating a woven texture. The podium is composed of a folded perforated plate, and the color of the aluminum plate is rose gold. Lighting mode of the tower is combined with the pyramid cover structure on the building. Some low-power projection lamps are set on the four sides. The light beam is used to present the architectural texture of the building at night, forming a rhythmic light network.
To satisfy the appearance effect in the day, the luminaire is customized according to the pyramid-shape bevel. We Improve the IP level of the luminaire and increase the waterproof seal to ensure the reliability of the product and the impact on the façade. To avoid hydrops in the groove of the façade, the cover tilts 3° where the luminaire located, to ensure that the beam is irradiated on the shape of the rod forming the effect of the optical network. In order to achieve uniform lighting exposure, we arrange two rows of LED linear wall washers in the most prominent position of the perforated flaps, turn 30 degrees on each side to increase the irradiation area.