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3D LED Flex 40 WE System IP 20

Prize(s) Winners in Mood Lighting
Company Radiant Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers David Morgan
Other Designer's names Mike de Bono
Photo Credits Jonathan Morgan
Completion Date 7 March 2023
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Entry Description

The 3D LED Flex 40 WE System IP 20 is a three dimensionally flexible, DMX controlled, dynamic LED effect lighting system.
Decorative, dynamic lit-effects are achieved using a combination of an LED matrix of various colour temperatures and colours, complex DMX controlled dimming sequences, and a textured glass panel optic. Lit effects can be customised by adjusting the dimming sequence, LED type and combination, and the type of textured glass panel used.

The patented articulated ball-joint system joining the heat-sink modules allows the system to bend and twist in three dimensions on-site, allowing it to follow complex curved building profiles, making it ideal for illuminating domes, columns, and any other curved architectural features. Adjustable-angle brackets allow for the lit effect to be aimed once installed.

The system provides up to 4,000 lumens per mtr, depending on the mix of LED colours and colour temperatures and the textured glass panel used. The lumen output varies during the dimming control sequence.

As the Dynamic Water Effect does not rely on any moving parts, the system has a long working life of up to 100,000 hours, as the LEDs are not run at full output for most of the dimming sequence.

Customisable anti-glare accessories and mounting bracketry can be specified to meet project requirements.
Sustainability Approach

We design our systems for a working life of up to 30 years including replacement of light engines and integral drivers. Traditional construction methods allow our systems to be easily disassembled. 95% of our components can be reused indefinitely.
Easy on-site replacement of light engines is a key element of the design of all new Radiant systems.
Almost all Radiant products use aluminium core PCBs that can be recycled at the end of their life.
The 3D LED Flex systems use pressure die cast aluminium heatsinks, which waste less material during production than machined components.
Our die castings are currently produced with up to 75% recycled aluminium material. We aim to use only 100% recycled cast aluminium within 3 years.
All Radiant systems come with a 5-year guarantee, with a refurbishment service thereafter.
A TM 66 analysis of each Radiant system can be prepared for each project.
Company Description

Established in 2008 in London, Radiant Architectural Lighting provides innovative, award-winning solutions for leading lighting designers on projects around the world.

Bespoke products are what we do best, with many of our ‘standard’ products originating from specific project requests. Everything we create is made to order and is designed and produced in the UK.

With a strong heritage in luminaire design, Radiant excels in designing products for both interior and exterior application areas, to give lighting designers the perfect tools to illuminate and enhance architecture beautifully.