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Aculux New patented WarmDim®

Prize(s) Winners in Ceiling Lights / Mood Lighting
Company Acuity Brands
Lead Designers Juan Rodriguez
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Entry Description

Lower the lights and bring an enveloping warmth to any space with WarmDim®. New proprietary solution for AX3 and AX4 series downlights, user-controlled WarmDim warms color temperature as light levels are reduced, capturing that warm evening glow and bringing a relaxed and welcoming ambience to a room. The new WarmDim technology delivers smooth, natural transitions to warmer colors similar to the halogen lights they successfully emulate. It also features 90+ CRI standardized rendering, as well as 1-step Macadam ellipse for color consistency; a very narrow true 10° beam is also available up to 60° including Batwing for supreme beam control and precision for your lighting design. Controls include Phase Dimming, and 0-10V down to less than 1% dimming. Lumen performance range is 800-1500lms for the AX3 series, whereas the AX4 delivers up to 1700lms. Lastly, Aculux precision luminaires have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in the world of architectural lighting. They were among the first to offer discreet LED recessed adjustable featuring precision geared aiming (0-45° aiming/370° rotation), 45°visualcutoff and field interchangeable optics. Aculux precision recessed luminaires have always led the industry, delivering the highest center beam candlepower and lumens from smaller apertures while maintaining quiet ceilings that blend seamlessly into the architecture.
Sustainability Approach

The new Warmdim allows for traditional feel and experience of incandescent/halogen dimming, featuring much higher efficiency and efficacy (110%). Our manufacturing materials include steel and aluminum which are recyclable. Also, our engineering design takes LED upgradability for technology into consideration allowing for changes in the future without having to remove fixture from the ceiling.