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Prize(s) Winners in Concert Lighting Installation
Company Yoko Seyama Art & Scenography
Lead Designers Yoko Seyama
Other Designer's names Dirk P Haubrich
Photo Credits Agustina Isidori and Yoko Seyama
Other Credits Dirk P Haubrich and Sasha Pushkin
Completion Date 10 March 2023
Project Location Nikolaisaal Potsdam, GERMANY
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Entry Description

AMA-KO is a coined word for 'Raindrums' in Japanese.

Berlin-based Multimedia Artist Yoko Seyama and Composer Dirk P Haubrich have created a Meditative light-sound installation performed with music by Louis Couperin: Prélude non mesuré in D Major, played by Sasha Pushkin.
Five steel drums hanging in the centre of the space, made to ring with drops of melting ice in fluorescent colours.

Sustainability Approach

The main element, steel drums, are 'instruments' for this installation which is flexible because they can be installed in different spaces. Most materials, like metal grids, and wires are reusable. The hanging function is necessary when the space has already hanging points otherwise, we can use truss systems.