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Prize(s) Winners in Concert Lighting Installation
Company Light is More
Lead Designers Pauline DAVID
Client Accor Group
Photo Credits Julien Mouffron-Gardner / Antoine Decottignies / Pauline David
Completion Date March 2023
Project Location Paris
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Entry Description

PHANTOM from the Greek “phantasma”, itself derived from “phainian”, means to make visible, to make the invisible shine.

Phantom is an entity, a spirit that has long inhabited the walls of the mythical Accor Arena in Paris.
More than a venue, it is a revealed fantasy, long invisible to the public.
Phantom projects us into a rift that escapes the laws of temporality, mixing futuristic and baroque inspirations.

The scenography takes us on a dreamy Parisian stroll through the courtyard of the Louvre at night.
Luminous arches adorn the walls, appearing and disappearing to the rhythm of the lights.
At the centre of the room is a spectacular 170m2 suspended mirror. A ghostly installation that reflects the spectator's image: you are there, the moment is present. Then it cracks and shatters. You've gone to the other side of the mirror, and space and time blend together.
This minimalist, highly technical installation combines lighting design and robotics to take the audience on a unique immersive experience.
Phantom uses mirrors and light to reveal its presence and bring the Night to life for the audience, who dance to the rhythm of the music. It transports them into an allegory of emotions: fear, sadness, disgust, joy, anger, love, and surprise.

A light scenography, an artistic installation, an immersive creation, a living show.
Sustainability Approach

Most of the lighting fixtures in Phantom come from a pool of devices owned by Novelty group, member of the PrestaDD Label for sustainability in theatrical events.
Those fixtures had already been installed on various events, were checked, and re-used for the Phantom project to minimize the production of new devices.
Company Description

Expert lighting design agency
Light is More is a company which merges the talents of three lighting specialists; an architect and designer, a lighting engineer and an optic and electronics engineer.

Three complimentary’s independent minds
This collaboration allows us to practice their common passion through transversal fields like architecture, scenography and design.

Where lights enliven the space and bring emotion
We are inspired by that which surrounds us, by day and by night, by the ordinary and the extraordinary, so we can create an environment in constant evolution.