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Prize(s) Winners in Immersive Lighting Project
Company Kabluka Light And Digital Sculptures
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Client Danilo S. Carlucci, Clémence Cazeau, Morningstar Ventures
Photo Credits Expolight
Other Credits Expolight - lighting design; Victoria Vitkovskaya & V. Concept Design Studio
Completion Date 01/08/2023
Project Location Dubai, UAE
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Entry Description

This is a closed dark room in the gallery of modern NFT art, which, thanks to 6 powerful projectors and graphic lasers and Zed Camera and LiDAR sensors, turns into an immersive digital universe into which the guest enters.

Six projectors stitched into one picture broadcast various content, complemented by laser patterns on the floor, and a smoke generator enhances the visual effects.
We thought through three different modes of operation of THE METAROOM and created about 30 other dynamic contents:

1. Everyday - ideal for exhibiting any NFT works. Each piece of content is accompanied by a graphic laser on the floor that draws patterns matched to the content on the walls.

2. Metaworlds are immersive experiences where thematic content for walls and screens, laser patterns, and audio accompaniment are created for complete immersion. This is all complemented by smoke released from the fog machine automatically or with the help of a specially developed app to control all installations and areas of the gallery.

3. Generative mode — A person can interact with metaworlds by moving. Thanks to the powerful Zed Camera and LiDAR sensors, the contents on the walls and screens react to her movements, and the laser on the floor accompanies the person with a pattern, depending on where he is in space.