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Prize(s) Winners in Immersive Lighting Project
Company Lachlan Turczan Studio
Lead Designers Lachlan Turczan
Client Noor Riyadh 2023
Project Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project Link View
Entry Description

Wavespace (2023) is an immersive artwork that invites viewers to experience sound as a liquid light phenomenon. The artist first started developing the piece in 2013 with the goal of using water as a natural lens to shape light. He spent over a decade researching fluid dynamics, optics and cymatics to create the Wavespace series.

Viewers enter a dark room and lie down beneath a circular screen hanging from the ceiling. Beneath the screen, a mirrored basin containing a small pool of water sits at the center. The basin vibrates with low oscillating tones, sculpting the water into cymatic wave patterns that are reflected overhead. The optical experience can be interpreted in countless ways and invites the viewer to engage with their imagination.