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Through Urban Flux

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Amr Abuzaid, Pharah Al-Ghalib studio
Lead Designers Amr Abuzaid, Pharah Al-Ghalib
Client Noor Riyadh 2023
Project Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Entry Description

Through Urban Flux is an immersive installation designed to transport visitors through a journey of visual and visceral
exploration. The structure of three parallel glass walls creates two intimate pathways that envelop a passage that is subtly illuminated in its metropolitan context. The primary component that makes up the installation is the glass block, which is used along the entire length of the walls. These walls are then further reflected on the infinity mirror effect of the floor and ceiling, creating a seemingly boundless passage of hazy glass blocks. Through Urban Flux invites visitors to contemplate their surroundings as they journey through a path where it is deliberately obscured. The various layers offer the viewer different degrees of distortion, making it a space of abstracted and ephemeral silhouettes, while the installation’s multi-layered experience recalls the transformative power of changing
perceptions and perspectives.