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Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company This is Loop Ltd
Lead Designers Alan Hayes
Other Designer's names Harriet Lumby
Photo Credits Alan Hayes
Completion Date 18/01/23
Project Location Canary Wharf, London
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Entry Description

‘Emergence’ an audio visual immersive journey.
A sanctum within which to consider the dynamic interplay between order and chaos and the momentous role this plays in all of life's systems.
Every decision, every idea and in fact every thought comes from the narrow region where the disarray of chaos and the regiment of order endlessly fold into and out of one another.

Emergence theory is a concept that suggests that complex systems and patterns arise from the interactions between simple individual components, rather than being directly attributable to those components themselves. In other words, emergence refers to the appearance of new and unexpected properties and behaviours at the level of a whole system that cannot be predicted by analysing the properties and behaviours of its individual parts.

The structure consists of 75 large mirror nodes covered on all surfaces with a mirror finish and arranged into a 11ft tall, 30ft diameter cylindrical pavilion style structure with three entrances in a ‘Y’ formation, all of which are wheelchair accessible. The incorporated lighting is visible from inside and outside and displays a mesmerising program of highly complex light patterns choreographed to the accompanying audio track.
Sustainability Approach

We sourced the main bulk of the materials needed for construction from a UK manufacturer of Aluminium Composite panel. They use a high percentage of recycled plastic in the core of their product, the aluminium is infinitely recyclable and due to their geographical location the product only travelled a short distance to our fabrication facility.
The rest of the structure is constructed from stainless steel, also recyclable.

As a touring structure we have found that making things robust is not just a necessity but also means that things need replacing much less which feeds directly into the sustainability of the structure.

Additionally the structure has been constructed in a modular way to enable easy recycling at end of life.
Company Description

Loop is the collaborative artistic partnership of Harriet Lumby and Alan Hayes. Based in their Somerset studio they have established a reputation for creating large scale audio visual experiential installations. With a practice focussing on utilising reflections and illusion this has created a common theme throughout their visually impactful architectural style work.
Their playful sculptures - often with a futuristic aesthetic - invite audiences to be engulfed by, at times, intense and challenging choreographed audio visual journeys.