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Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Aura Creative Lab. Ltd.
Lead Designers Tak Leong Kou
Client Farglory Group
Photo Credits Yuchen Chao Photography
Completion Date july 2022
Project Location The Farglory International Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
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Entry Description

This commissioned artwork began with the interior renovation construction. With a single window facing northwest side, where sunlight rarely shines directly into the interior space, we wish to bring the light back to the space in an artistic way, and connect the exterior world through the light and form of the artwork.

"Light" as an element of human perception, constitutes our cognition of the universe. Through the "light" and "rheological perspective”, the work forms a flowing shape structure by referring to the outline of the analemma, metaphorically brings light into the interior space, and responds to the orientation of the building through the inclination of the metal curved light-track of the artwork, which geographically parallel to the route of sunrise and sunset ( East and West ).

The artwork makes extensive use of the combination of optical plexiglass and dichroic films. Through its optical characteristics, viewers may perceive different color experience in their own eyes corresponding to their movement or position, forming a non-territorial, diversified, open dialogue relationship. With the flow of light within the light track, shadow and time, explore the boundary of perception and poetic imagination of light in different aspects.