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Joker Xue "Extraterrestrial" World Tour Live

Prize(s) Winners in Concert Lighting Installation / Music Event Lighting
Company Beijing Showin Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Yulin Wu
Other Designer's names Jiache Lin
Other Credits Zhonggang Sha
Entry Description

Joker Xue is a Chinese singer-songwriter who is known for his artistic talent. Beijing Showin, a production company, is in charge of planning his concert, “Extraterrestrial” World Tour Live. It employs storytelling throughout the entire performance. A story of an "Interstellar Executive Officer" implementing the "Earth Saving Plan" is protrayed. Music, movie, and live shows are integrated together to create a virtually real story world. The stage, lighting, visual effects, and props allow the audience to immerse themselves in.

Lighting plays a crucial role in delivering the concept. A variety of lighting instruments are set up above the stage. The lighting design relies on the tremendous stage installation with a multi-level progressive light position layout. The layout is embedded into the stage spaceship structure, and vertical light arrays are set up between the LED screens, which can be opened and closed, on both sides to present more diverse stage visuals.

The whole concert utilizes more than 2,000 lamps, 28 groups of movable LED screens, and 250 CNC motors so as to display numerously changing lighting effects. Not only on the stage, but also the light sticks in the auditorium play roles in terms of lighting. The light sticks are made of biodegradable and recyclable materials to convey the core concept of environmental protection in every detail.