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Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Light Art Installation
Company Lawrence Liang Public Art
Lead Designers Lawrence Liang
Other Designer's names Ali Megahed
Client Georges River Council
Photo Credits Ben Tang
Completion Date 01/05/2023
Project Location Ormonde Parade, Hurstville, Sydney Australia
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Entry Description

Interwoven is a series of LED neon tubes tangled in a mid-air symphony of art and symbolism configured into straight lines and sweeping forms. Each neon trail represents and is mapped after a real-world corridor of connectivity within the Georges River Local Government Area; waterways, arterial roads, railways and bus routes. We want to create an installation that transforms the transport hub from a place of waiting to a place of unlimited destinations and opportunities synchronized with the rhythm of the urban environment.

The artwork’s lighting programming is defined by 3 distinct stages – past, present, and future. The past is characterized by gentle washes of waves alluding to the Georges River. The present is determined by the sparkling infinity of choices and distinct pathways we can choose to live out ourlives, and the future is an unbound cacophony of colour and wonder.
Sustainability Approach

The sculpture features a modular LED neon flex system fastened to an structural rail system beneath the shelter's roof. Each neon flex component is designed in modular lengths for easy replacement, following a "plug and play" approach. We have implemented a maintenance and replacement schedule to minimize replacements and extend the elements' design life.

The design of the lighting itself has been optimized for energy efficiency and reduction. Colour choices were heavily influenced by singular diode activation using primary colours such as red, green, blue as these require the least amount of electricity and ensure longevity of luminaires. Additionally, the intensity of the lighting display was kept at the optimum point between visual impact and energy usage to ensure longevity of the piece whilst minimizing energy consumption.