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Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project / Outdoor Light Art Installation
Company Fjord Studio
Lead Designers Anastasia Isachsen
Client Polestar, Fjord Oslo Light Art Festival
Photo Credits Antero Hein, Goodybag, Vjus
Other Credits Producer: Fjord Studio, Technical production: Plexon AS, Light programming: Lyskomponenter AS
Completion Date 1 November 2022
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Entry Description

By combining shifting light and fog, translucent glass, evanescent engravings and atmospheric soundscape, light art installation Perspective creates an immersive environment in which nature, technology, and people create a dreamlike and futuristic experience. As people move through the installation, their silhouettes become an important element of the visual experience that invites an engaging reflection on our common future.
Sustainability Approach

The design was developed to create an expressive and engaging installation with a modular, environmentally friendly solution that optimizes transport and set-up. The installation consists of 10 plexiglass sheets, with various abstract laser engravings that convey the concept. Programmable LED RGBW strips are integrated into the sides of the glass plates, with light programmed in a three-dimensional pattern that follows the specially composed soundscape. Size: 700 x 300 x 295 cm. The installation can be flat-packed.