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Monstros Marinhos

Prize(s) Winners in Theater Performance Lighting
Company Cia. dos Imaginários
Lead Designers Ariel Rodrigues
Client Cia. dos Imaginários
Photo Credits Leekyung Kim
Completion Date October 2023
Project Location Teatro Cacilda Becker, São Paulo, Brazil
Entry Description

In "Sea Monsters", a girl tells us the story of her family based on fantastic memories: a grandmother who shrinks, an invisible father, a mother who collects bottles with messages in the sea, a brother always locked in his room, imaginary friends, ghosts, and a sea diver. Meanwhile, a documentary about a sunken Russian submarine plays continuously on tv.

The initial staging requirement was that everything should take place within a rectangular area of 6mx5m. To create the atmosphere of an aquarium, the entire area was surrounded with blue neon LED strip. The lighting design project required careful choices: a carpet covered the entire stage area. Without filters, the light would make the set just an old and realistic house. It was necessary to make it fantastic and ghostly. For this purpose, the meticulous selection of filters included shades of white, blue, green, and amber.

The light sources used ranged from Fresnel, Ellipsoidal, PC, Source Four PAR, PARnel, to PAR LED.