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Community Centre Concept

Prize(s) Winners in Conceptual Designs-Projects in Development
University University College London
Lead Designers Jess Keates
Entry Description

The design is a revisited concept for a refurbished Chapel in Epsom, taking the 1901 building which served as a place of worship for 96 years to a new hub for the local community.

The design focuses on flexibility, accessibility and inclusivity to meet the wide range of requirements fore the space from the diverse user groups.

The lighting also aims to bring vibrancy and excitement to the building, creating a new heart and destination for the area, to encourage people to meet, socialise, share and celebrate together.

The design focuses on three main areas within the building:
- open area
- bar
- bar seating

The design addresses flexibility through layered light and accessible controls, and vibrancy is brought through dynamic motorised lighting elements, sculptural chandelier and blended coloured light.